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Last week I tried Handle the Heat‘s recipe for Chickpea-Brown Rice burgers. Since it was just me, I halved the recipe to make just two patties. One for dinner, one for later. But the results were so delicious that I ate both for dinner! Fortunately for me (and my husband, who will be dining according my whims tonight), I have plenty of extra chickpeas and brown rice for a new batch, which we will be eating falafel-style in whole-wheat pita pockets with a yogurt dill dressing and cucumbers.

I already eat a lot of chickpeas and brown rice, and I was interested in a new way to use these healthy, high-protein ingredients. These burgers (I’m starting to think of them as fritters) are a satisfyingly crunchy option.  I removed the garlic & onions from Tessa’s original recipe, but it still turned out perfectly. I also tried frying them in a thin layer of canola oil, but that side came out a bit more done and brown than the second side, for which I used the recommended olive oil.

I’m curious how these would turn out if they were baked, but I won’t find out tonight because I’m too hungry to wait!