who am i?

I’m Paige M. Travis, a writer, eater, gardener, cat lover and social media adventurer in Knoxville, Tenn. I was born here, so I’m proud, knowledgeable and sensitive like only a native can be. I began my transition to being a pescatarian in 1995, eliminating meat first because my three veg roommates didn’t cook it and later because I helped a UT grad student working on his sustainable agriculture thesis transcribe interviews with, among others, Tyson chicken factory workers. (Thanks, Jonathan.) I tweak recipes to avoid garlic and onions because I digest them only with discomfort and noxious fumes. All that said, I have mixed feelings about specialty diets and food allergies. I’ll attempt to work that out right here. You’ll find my pop culture blog at www.rocknrollsoapbox.com.

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